Specialization 100%
Professionalism 100%
Great quality vehicles 90%


In Expertour a quality integral personalized service setting relationships based on trust between customer and provider. We are most interested in your satisfaction, and we know Expertour provides solution for your problem.

Our desire is always with the best and the latest in road passenger, anticipating the global market evolution and offering the best quality of the product and service.

Expertour is synonym for Quality, Experience and Flexibility

Competitive Costs 95%
Applied new technologies 90%
IDC (Involvement, Dedication and Care) 100%


In Expertour we listen to our customers, analyze their necessities and provide them with a efficient and innovate solution. We are with them from beginning to end, prividing them with our wide experience and knowledge.

We always study each case giving emphasis incustomer facing, from negotiation and propositions to each of the drivers who will take charge of accomplishing the project.

By apllying the latest technologies we can offer the perfect experience and a solid and transparent management.